Amazon Account Reinstatement

4,500.00 4,000.00

  • 50% Non-Refundable in case of non-reinstatement
  • Some other random features
  • Just for testing


Broadly, Amazon account suspensions fall under two categories:

  • Policy Violations
  • Poor Seller Metrics

Policy Violations: Your Amazon account is suspended when you violate the Amazon Policies of selling on its platform. The various suspension reasons include suspension due to inauthenticity, suspension due to IPR complaint, suspension due to multiple seller accounts, suspension due to review manipulation and many more.

Poor Seller Metrics: For a great customer experience, you should have your Amazon account in a healthy state. Amazon often suspends the accounts that fail on the seller metrics. Many sellers get their Amazon account suspended due to ODR, LDR and other seller metrics like PCR.

When Amazon suspends an Account, they usually tell you why. You can get this information from the Performance Notification tab in your seller account.


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